Digital Illustrations for Helix

2018     |    Kleiner Perkins Design Fellow
Helix DNA is a Silicon Valley DNA company dedicated to making DNA learning accessible and actionable for everyone. During my Kleiner Perkins Design Fellowship, I joined their Product Design team and one of the projects I took on involved creating illustrations for their Careers and Products web pages.


To begin, the design team acquainted me with the existing Helix DNA icon style guide. I noticed the minimalistic, simple aesthetic that occasionally drew from Helix's brand colors. Because Helix is in its early stage of brand identity, it was important that I created icons that supported its progress.


The web product manager envisioned graphics that would add in a similar style to what already existed explaining "How it works." There were particular do's and don'ts: stay away from too human of silhouettes, stick to simplified illustrations, flat without being completely two-dimensional, etc. I drew from existing internet icons that users would easily recognize and translate. After a couple of meetings with the design team and a quick turnaround of three days, the icons were installed into the Careers page.


After the Careers Page icons were warmly met, I was asked to make additional icons, including this one of "sleep" for MySleepInsights. Seeing the new icons juxtaposed with existing ones affirmed my design decisions.


It was really fun to flex a purely illustrative muscle in my design tool kit. I was proud to see the icons installed and functioning, especially blending in with the existing Helix identity.