2017     |    Graphic Design
Album design for Korea's first openly gay pop artist, Marshall Bang.


I had worked with Marshall Bang in other capacities, but was especially excited when he approached me for an album cover design. He wanted a cover for his Fall 2017 album that would communicate his vibrant, techno, and unique sound. "I want it to feel good; to have that feeling you'd have singing in the streets of Seoul, Korea," he said in our initial phone call.


Through a handful of phone-calls and Skype sessions involving Pinterest mood boards and brainstorming sketches, I familiarized myself with Marshall's ideal vision. I wanted to get an idea of what he visualized when singing and what sort of aesthetic appealed to him. I listened to his music for three days straight, and pin-pointed aural themes that would translate to a visual display. Then, I perused the album covers of similar artists, and noted what I believe worked and what didn't. I came up with a couple initial ideas that would lead to his pick and then become a springboard for the final design.

The first round of ideas reflect two potential album titles: Circle or Tonight. Marshall gravitated towards imagery that was photographically compelling or playful with illustrations, and I played along those inclinations.

After going back and forth on initial ideas, we decided the option with the yellow background felt best-suited to his audience and branding. The yellow felt authentic to his sound, and the illustrative treatment allowed for further studies. From there, I presented more variations.


Playing with typography and a couple more graphic design elements, the final panel of results accomplished the vibrant, energetic, bold yet intimate feel Marshall envisioned for the album cover. Check out his music here.